Transform lives through yoga

September 13–15 @ Sangha Studio in Burlington, VT

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Discover how yoga can help your students cultivate mindful eating habits, emotional resilience, and body confidence.

In this yoga training course you will learn:

  • How yoga can help your students achieve the four pillars of thriving: mindful eating, functional movement, emotional balance, and fulfilling relationships

  • Mindfulness practices to help students end cycles of restricting, overeating, and exercising to excess

  • How to craft individualised yoga regimens that reduce pain, improve mood, and support mental health

  • The surprising new science of interoception, and how it helps balance anxiety, lift depression, and improve digestion

  • A trauma-informed approach to touch.

  • Practical ways to bring more compassion into your relationship with your own body, so that you can help students love their own

  • Cutting-edge mental health tools from the traditions of yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, and movement science

  • How to craft a therapeutic yoga class from the ground up, or add therapeutic components into the way you teach

  • How to integrate this knowledge into your lived experience so that you can more effectively and authentically teach yoga

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Yoga can be a game-changer for students with eating disorders.
— Chelsea Roff