Our trainings give you knowledge, skills, and tools to transform your life and serve others.


Our trainings give yoga teachers, mental health professionals, educators, and everyday people skills to support mindful eating, emotional resilience, and body confidence.


A Global Community

Join a diverse and supportive community of like-minded people, invested in meaningful growth for ourselves and those we serve.


Yoga & Movement Science

Learn simple mindful movement practices that support body awareness, emotional wellbeing, and physical vitality.


Mindful Eating 101

Explore the new science of interoceptive awareness, and learn how meditation can be used as a tool to manage emotional eating.


The Value of Service

Discover how service activities can help individuals overcome mental health challenges and live a meaningful life.


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Module One

This training is for everyone! Experience our integrative, evidence-based approach to mindful eating, emotional resilience, and body confidence. The training covers a biopsychosocial model of mental health challenges, as well as mind-body practices that support positive body image, interoceptive awareness, self-regulation, and mindful eating. Graduates of Module One are eligible to apply for Module Two.

Module Two

This training is for helping professionals who wish to become facilitators. Module Two is an online training and mentorship program that provides support and supervision as you lead your first program. It consists of instructional videos, quizzes and assignments, a facilitator manual, and personalized coaching calls with a Learning Coach. The training is self-paced, allowing you time to integrate what you learn as you offer your first program to participants.

Facilitator Network

This online training platform is for our Certified Facilitators. The Eat Breathe Thrive Facilitator Network is a continuing education resource that provides facilitators with ongoing support, mentorship, tools for success. It includes monthly webinars, coaching calls, downloadable resources, and 'web parties' with fellow facilitators. Learn to teach more confidently and effectively, utilize online tools to manage and promote your programs, and connect with a network of facilitators around the world.

The Eat Breathe Thrive format and curriculum combines the essential information, experience, and safety required in accessing the body's wisdom to connect and heal. After five years of teaching yoga within a clinical setting, I have finally found the ideal way to introduce and grow the practice of yoga to those searching for wholeness and wellbeing. The community focus within a framework of education and exploratory movement allows for a depth of experience unparalleled within such a short period of time.
— Kendall Williams, yoga instructor, massage therapist, life coach, and Somatic Experiencing practitioner

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