Glasgow, Scotland: October 28, 2018

How to Support Students with Mental Health Challenges

This intimate and empowering workshop will teach you how to support students dealing with mental health challenges with empathy, knowledge, and compassion.

Mental health challenges are complex, sometimes life-threatening illnesses. While yoga teachers are uniquely positioned to offer support, many attempts to help seem only make things worse. And more often than not, these attempts can lead to compassion fatigue and burnout.

In this training you’ll learn strategies to support your students, as well as foster clarity, resilience, and compassion within yourself.

You will:

  • Explore the latest research on the genetic, psychological and sociocultural factors that cause mental health challenges
  • Identify red flags to look for if you’re suspicious someone you love is suffering from a mental illness
  • Master a five-step formula for having the “hard talk” with a student you’re concerned about
  • Explore how to navigate codependent dynamics and professional boundaries as a yoga teacher
  • Learn how to create a preventative and supportive environment in your classes
  • Create boundaries and a self-care routine that sustains and invigorates your teaching


Sunday, October 28th 2018


The Kali Collective in Glasgow, Scotland

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Led by Chelsea Roff
Chelsea Roff

Chelsea Roff is the Founder and Director of Eat Breathe Thrive. An author, researcher, and educator, she has spent nearly a decade pioneering integrative health programs for people with mental health challenges.