Host an Eat Breathe Thrive Training


Bring a life-changing educational opportunity to your community.

Hosting facility

Host a training at your facility

We offer trainings in a variety of settings; including yoga studios, retreat centers, treatment centers, medical facilities, and universities, colleges, and schools.

Professional development

Offer a professional training

Our trainings attract a wide range of professionals; including yoga teachers, mental health practitioners, nutritionists and dietitians, medical professionals, and educators.


Benefits of Hosting   What you'll get  

Our trainings will give you an opportunity to:
  • Engage with pioneers working at the intersection of yoga, neuroscience, and psychotherapy; including Founder and Director of Eat Breathe Thrive, Chelsea Roff.
  • Provide a transformative and engaging educational experience for your staff, clients, or students.
  • Discover how to more effectively support individuals with eating disorders and mental health challenges on all ends of the spectrum
  • Join a diverse and supportive community of professionals and institutions united in a mission to help individuals fully overcome mental health challenges.
The Eat Breathe Thrive offers a dynamic blend of education, experiential activities, and community, which I would recommend to helping professionals, yoga teachers, as well as anybody struggling with food and body image issues. As a therapist and yoga teacher, I found this workshop to be an invaluable experience that will definitely enhance my work with clients and students.
— Ruth, Eat Breathe Thrive Training Graduate, Therapist, and Yoga teacher

Hosting Space Requirements   What we ask from you

  • Time:  For Module One trainings, we require a total of eighteen hours across Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For workshops, we four to six hours per workshop on Saturdays or Sundays.
  • Accessibility:  Your location should be easy to commute to and/or accessible via public transportation. Many attendees fly in from out of town, so we prefer hosts near a major airport. We also prefer locations to be wheelchair accessible.
  • Space:  You should have a space that is large enough to accommodate at least 25 yoga mats. We prefer for the space to be stocked with mats, blocks, bolsters, and straps.
  • Experience:  We love hosts with experience hosting out-of-town guest teachers, specialist trainings, or continuing education opportunities.
  • Marketing:  We look for a host who is enthusiastic about helping us spread the world about the training! You should have an active social media account and be willing to post and distribute promotional materials.
  • Online Registration System:  We prefer working with hosts that have a capacity to collect student registration fees online (if applicable).

Apply to Host a Training

We are currently taking applications for 2019 and 2020 training hosts.