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Explore a groundbreaking program that combines the wisdom of mindfulness traditions with insights from modern neuroscience.

Eat Mindfully

Explore meditations to help you tap into hunger and fullness signals and manage emotional eating.


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Discover mindful movement practices that support body awareness, emotional wellbeing, and physical vitality.

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Build Resilience

Learn cutting edge tools from neuroscience, psychology and movement science to help you manage your emotions and generate positive states of mind.


Join us in dozens of cities throughout the United States and Europe. Our programs are small with limited spaces available!

Yoga can be a game-changer in food and body image challenges. As a healing practice, it helps build the conscious connection between mind and body that’s necessary for healthy eating and body confidence. Yoga provides invaluable tools for tuning into hunger and fullness signals, coping with difficult emotions, and feeling at home in one’s own body.
— Chelsea Roff, Founder & Director of Eat Breathe Thrive
Chelsea Roff
The last six weeks have been profoundly soothing and cathartic. The experience helped me realize that I am not alone, and more than that, it connected me to eight beautiful, supportive, and accepting people who will continue rooting me on in my journey toward self-love long after our sessions have ended.
— Ginnie