Every body deserves love


Yet many teens don't love their own:

“I can't stand my acne.” “I can't stand my acne.”
“Do I look fat in this?” “Do I look fat in this?”
“Do I look fat in this?” “Do I look fat in this?”

The Eat Breathe Thrive School Program supports mindful eating, emotional resilience, and self-esteem in adolescents and teens

Risky behaviors from drinking, to smoking, to dieting often take root in adolescence. The Eat Breathe Thrive program gives students the tools they need to eat healthy, cope with emotions, and feel confident in their own skin. The program is designed to create peer groups that support mental health, rather than bullying and other destructive behaviors. It’s about helping students help one another — they’re the only ones who can.
— Chelsea Roff, Founder & Director of Eat Breathe Thrive
Chelsea Roff

What Teens Are Saying

The program helped me tremendously! I was able to connect with my body on a deep level. It has helped me become more aware of my hunger cues, and what my body is actually craving. It taught me how to distinguish between emotional or physical hunger, and gave me the tools to recognize my body’s needs. The teacher held a safe space for us all to dig deeper, realize our truths, and strengthen our relationships with our higher selves. I was reminded that I am never alone, and most importantly, that I am worthy and deserving of love. We all are.
— Bridget
I would definitely recommend this program to someone else. As a teenager, it can be difficult to find other people with whom to have a mature conversation about yoga/body image issues; it was incredibly comforting and helpful to be surrounded by such knowledgeable people with the same beliefs as me. I left feeling calm yet empowered, and the week following the program was one of the most relaxing I’ve had in quite a while.
— Abby

What Facilitators Are Saying

As a nurse, I have learned that prevention is key and that empowering our youth builds strong communities. The ability to create a supportive and safe container during such a crucial time of transition is invaluable. As our children’s sense of self expands to include relationships not only with self but also with their family, peers, community and environment, providing support to help navigate this expansion in a way defined by them as healthy is crucial. Building a culture within our schools of acceptance, empathy and empowerment will enable our youth to stand strong when the expectations of society weigh heavy. This time of exploration will provide them the ability to build resilience and connection that will not only serve them now, but for the rest of their lives.
— Lara Scriba, Eat Breathe Thrive Facilitator

Bring Eat Breathe Thrive To Your School


Host a four-day training for up to
forty educators

Our training gives educators an opportunity to experience the program, as well as explore their own relationship with food and body image challenges. It covers a biopsychosocial model of eating disorders, yoga-based practices for emotional regulation, meditations for interoceptive awareness, and psychoeducational activities for positive body image.


Lead your first programs with support and supervision

Our mentorship program provides supervision and support for educators who wish to facilitate the program in school settings. The mentorship program is hosted online and includes instructional videos, a 350+ page facilitator manual, quizzes, assignments, and eight coaching calls. This program takes approximately four to six months to complete.


Receive ongoing support and recognition as an Affiliate School

Our Affiliate Schools and Colleges run ongoing programs and receive continued support and supervision. Eat Breathe Thrive uses grants and other sources of funding to support programs at our Affiliate Schools in under-resourced communities. Eat Breathe Thrive Affiliate Schools and Colleges are also listed in our online directory