San Diego: February 23–25, 2018


Eat Breathe Thrive: Module One


February 23–25, 2018


Happy-U Namaste Yoga Center in San Diego, CA


Chelsea Roff


$349 Early Bird | $399 after January 26, 2018 (includes workbook)

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Transform your life and career with a mind-body approach to mindful eating, emotional resilience, and body confidence.

For everyone.

We’re taught that in order to thrive, we simply need to eat healthy, exercise regularly, and manage our emotions. But it’s harder than it sounds! Dietary approaches that worked when we were younger may stop working as we age. Injuries can interfere with our ability to stay active. Coping skills that once helped us survive may sabotage our relationships later in life.

This immersive introduction to the life-changing Eat Breathe Thrive program includes yoga practice, meditation, group discussion, and interactive activities. Join us and discover:

  • The four pillars of thriving: mindful eating, functional exercise, emotional balance, and fulfilling relationships
  • A foolproof way to know what and when to eat, as well as how to end cycles of restricting, overeating, and exercising to excess
  • How to craft individualized exercise regimens that reduces pain, improves mood, and extends your life
  • The surprising new science of interoception, and how it helps balance anxiety, lift depression, and improve digestion
  • How to deepen your capacity for intimacy and strengthen your boundaries at the same time
  • Practical ways to bring more compassion into to your relationship with your body
  • Cutting-edge mental health tools from the traditions of yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience, and movement science
  • How to craft a therapeutic practice from the ground up, or add therapeutic components to your existing practice

Walk away from the weekend ready to integrate this knowledge into your lived experience so that you can more effectively and authentically serve others.

Note: This training serves as the first part of the Eat Breathe Thrive Facilitator Training. Learn more